Water Demand Management

WaterDM is an engineering consulting firm focused on improving demand side management of precious water resources. Founded by water demand expert, Peter Mayer, P.E., WaterDM provides services to support and improve the efficient management and use of water.  WaterDM's focus starts when treated water enters the delivery system network for service to customers.  WaterDM's technical expertise includes conservation planning, implementation, rate analysis, research, demand forecasting, modeling, drought preparation, utility metering, and water loss control.  

Services We Provide

    • Utility consulting
    • Water use research and analysis
    • Water conservation planning and implementation
    • Analyis of rates and rate structures
    • Drought preparedness and response
    • Demand forecasting
    • Demand tracking
    • Expert testimony
    • Evaluation of changes in demand
    • Statistical analysis of water demand and modeling
    • Meter technology consulting
    • Meter and service line sizing
    • Water loss control
    • Water software development
    • Web site development

WaterDM in Action

WaterDM for the Future

Our future depends on water.  Proper planning that integrates demand management into overall water supply planning is essential.