Conservation Plan Consultant - New York City Water Board

WaterDM is providing water conservation planning services to the New York City Water Board.   WaterDM is working with the Board and the NYC Department of Environmental Protection to prepare a series of water conservation plans for communities north of the City that purchase water from the NYC Water Board.  

City of Arvada Water Supply and Demand Study

WaterDM and partner ELEMENT Water Consulting are conducting a study for the City of Arvada, Colorado to project future annual water demand under various build-out conditions and to evaluate the yield of current contracted and decreed raw water supplies to meet future demand through a significant drought period.

Roaring Fork Watershed Region Water Efficiency Plan

This multi-stage planning effort will develop water efficiency plans for several communities in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado culminating in the development of a regional plan for Valley.  This planning effort is unique in that the communities in the valley have joined together in the hope for finding innovative ways to increase stream flow in endangered reaches through urban water conservation and improved water management.  WaterDM is working as a subcontractor to Element Water Consulting on this project. 

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Residential End Uses of Water Update

Peter Mayer is the co-Principal Investigator of this multi-year research project that is investigating water use patterns in residential housing across the US and Canada.  Funded by the Water Research Foundation, the Alliance for Water Efficiency, and a consortium of nine water utilities, this research will build and expand upon the seminal 1999 Residential End Uses of Water study.  WaterDM is working as a subcontractor to Aquacraft along with Hazen and Sawyer, National Research Center, Veritec, and Dr. Benedykt Dziegielewski on this highly anticipated research effort.  Learn more about this project here.

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Senior Technical Adviser, AWE

The Alliance for Water Efficiency is a national non-profit organization focused on promoting water conservation and efficiency. Headquartered in Chicago, AWE serves as a global advocate for water efficient products and programs, and provides information and assistance on water conservation efforts. Peter Mayer helped found the organization in 2007 and now serves as a senior technical adviser and the web content manager. Peter edits AWE's Water Efficiency Watch newsletter, which provided a monthly summary of key news and information in from the world of water efficiency.

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