City of Tucson Water Conservation and Integrated Water Resources Plan (2019-2020)

Peter Mayer is working with Tucson staff to develop a 10-year water conservation implementation plan to integrate this work with the City’s long-term integrated water resources plan being conducted by a large consulting team.

California DWR Research and Development of Indoor Residential Water Use Standards (2019-2021)

Peter Mayer is advising the California Department of Water Resources on a series of research projects to investigate indoor residential per capita use for the purpose of reporting to the legislature on future efficiency standards.

Metropolitan Water District Demand Management Cost Functional Assignment (2018 – 2019)

Peter Mayer developed an analysis of Metropolitan’s demand management and local resources development programs for the purpose of functional cost assignment in the ratemaking process.

New York City Integrated Water Resources Plan (2018 – 22)

Peter Mayer is leading the water conservation task of this five year planning project awarded to a team lead by Hazen and Sawyer.

Northglenn Colorado Integrated Water Resources Plan (2019-20)

WaterDM is teamed with ELEMENT Water Consulting to prepare an integrated water resources plan for the City of Northglenn, a suburb of Denver.

Northern Water Conservation Program Planning (2017-18)

Peter Mayer worked closely with the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District to plan for the future of their regional conservation program.

Westminster Rate and Fee Cost of Service Study (2017-18)

Peter Mayer was a member of the Raftelis Consulting team which developed this extensive cost of service analysis for this Colorado utility.

Rachio Water Management Implementation and Research (2016 –18)

Peter Mayer served as an expert advisor and technical consultant to the Rachio irrigation control and technology company.  Together, they implemented peak day water management programs.

FL v. GA, 142, Original (2016)

Peter Mayer testified as an expert witness on municipal and industrial water use on behalf of the State of Georgia at the US Supreme Court trial held in November 2016.  Peter prepared an expert report, expert testimony, testified at the trial, and was deposed in this case.

Water Resource Foundation #4689 Assessing Water Demand Patterns to Improve Sizing of Water Meters and Service Lines (2016-19)

Peter Mayer was the Principal Investigator for this research study taking place in Colorado and Arizona that closely examined meter and service line sizing.

Austin Water Integrated Water Resources Plan (2016-17)

Peter Mayer was an expert advisor to the CDM/Smith team on water demand and conservation and assisted in preparation of the Austin Integrated Water Resources Plan.

Colorado State Water Supply Initiative (2009-10, 2016-19)

Peter Mayer was part of a team that prepared technical analysis of future water demands and requirements in Colorado as part of the State’s ongoing planning efforts.

New York City Water Board Water Demand Management Planning (2014 – 2019)

Peter Mayer was the lead for this project that prepared ten water conservation plans for wholesale customers of the NYC Water Board located in Westchester County and other upstate NY locations.

Outdoor Water Savings Initiative, Alliance for Water Efficiency (2014 – present)

Peter Mayer is the director of research for the Alliance for Water Efficiency’s Outdoor Water Savings Initiative.  Peter completed a literature review project in 2015, managed the landscape transformation study (2019) and is currently managing the drought response and water savings study (2020).

Residential End Uses of Water Study Update, Water Research Foundation (2010 – 2016)

Peter Mayer was the co-principal investigator of this research study that measured residential water use in 25 cities across he US and Canada.  Final report is available from the Water Research Foundation.

Hilton Head PSD Water Demand Management Plan (2015)

Peter Mayer lead a team that prepared a long term water demand management plan for this coastal island community.

City of Arvada Expert Witness Services (2016)

Peter Mayer was hired as an expert witness on municipal and industrial water demands by the City of Arvada.  Peter prepared and submitted an expert report in preparation for trial.  The report was accepted by both sides and deposition and testimony were not required.

City of Arvada Water Supply and Demand Study (2014 –2016)

Peter Mayer led a team that evaluated future water supply and demands for this Denver suburb, under climate change conditions.

Roaring Fork Regional Water Conservation Planning (2014 - 2015)

Working with ELEMENT Water Consulting, Peter Mayer prepared a series of water conservation plans for Aspen, Basalt, Carbondale, and Glenwood Springs, Colorado and a regional conservation plan for the entire Roaring Fork Valley.  An important goal of these plans was to ensure adequate environmental flows in local rivers and creeks.

City of Louisville Water Conservation Plan (2015)

Peter Mayer worked with CH2M to prepare a state approved water conservation plan for the City of Louisville Colorado.

City of Greeley Water Conservation Plan and Avoided Cost Analysis (2014 –2015)

Peter Mayer worked closely with the City of Greeley staff to update their water conservation plan for the next 7 years and to complete an avoided cost analysis that evaluates the impact of Greeley’s water efficiency efforts since 1992 on customer water rates.

Senior Technical Advisor, Alliance for Water Efficiency (2007 – 2019)

The Alliance for Water Efficiency is a national NGO focused on promoting water conservation and efficiency.  Peter Mayer helped found the organization and now served as a senior technical advisor and the newsletter editor for 12 years.