Dear Readers and Water Wonks,

Welcome to the first issue of Water Demand and Managemement News or WaterDAMN, a blog about water and life by yours truly, Peter Mayer, P.E., Principal of Water Demand Management, LLC (dba WaterDM).

Now you may ask, who the hell is Peter Mayer? What does P.E. stand for anyway? And who needs another blog about water anyway?

These are all fair questions that in the process of answering, will be a good way to start this blog. 

My name is Peter Mayer and I'm a Professional Engineer (P.E.)  and I'm an expert in urban water use and water managemement. I'm the principal and sole employee of WaterDM and I consult with urban water providers across the US on topics related to water use, water demand, water conservation, water efficiency, water rates, water loss, water planning, and a few other topics. My clients just since founding WaterDM in 2013 include: the New York City Water Board, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, the State of Georgia, the Colorado Water Conservation Board, the Califorinia Department of Water Resources, and many more. Here is a picture of me my sons Miles and Zachary from 2008. We are all a lot older these days.

This blog will be about water and water management and from time to time, life, music, politics, and whatever else suits my fancy. But mostly it's going to be about water and water management. 

Thanks for taking time to look at this blog post. Please feel free to contace me at You can learn more about me and WaterDM at

Best regards,