Water DAMN #1: Urban Demand Trends in the USA

Water Demand and Management News #1

Urban Demand Trends In the USA

Here are two charts that illustrate the recent tradjectory of population growth and water demand in the US. These are developed using data from the USGS Estimated Water Use in the US.

In a nutshell, population had steadily increased, but public water use has declined since about 1990. This is a result that has been observed from sea to shining sea, across the US from NY to CA and everywhere in between. Municipal and urban water use has declined.

WaterDM creates a new blog - Water DAMN Demand and Management News

Dear Readers and Water Wonks,

Welcome to the first issue of Water Demand and Managemement News or WaterDAMN, a blog about water and life by yours truly, Peter Mayer, P.E., Principal of Water Demand Management, LLC (dba WaterDM).

Now you may ask, who the hell is Peter Mayer? What does P.E. stand for anyway? And who needs another blog about water anyway?

These are all fair questions that in the process of answering, will be a good way to start this blog.